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When taking steroids, every athlete must understand that they are harming their body. Of course, with a properly constructed course, the risk of side effects is minimized. We will talk about this in our article. “Clomid” in bodybuilding is used to prevent the secretion of estrogen – female hormones that negatively affect the male body. A little bit more about everything

What is Clomid?

What is Clomid?

This tool is also known by other names – clomiphene citrate, “Klostilbegit” or actually “Clomid”. The drug we are considering is an antiestrogen that belongs to the triphenylethylene group. It is classified as a selective estrogen receptor modulator with mixed agonistic and antagonistic effects. The main reason why Clomid is widely used in bodybuilding is its ability to block the effects of estrogen, which is achieved by binding the active ingredient to receptors in certain tissues. At the same time, Clomid can behave completely differently in bone tissue, where, on the contrary, it activates estrogen receptors, which increases its concentration.

In men, clomiphene (the most common brand name) acts as an anti-estrogen and prevents negative feedback from female hormones on the hypothalamus. In addition, it stimulates the increase in the secretion of GnRH (GnRH). All of this increases the production of testosterone (the main male hormone) by the testicles. These Clomid properties prevent the risk of gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) and fluid retention.

Clomid cons

Like other drugs, Clomid has its drawbacks:

  • inhibits insulin-like growth factor-1 production
  • significantly suppresses the function of the testicles
  • increases the secretion of globulin, which binds to human sex hormones
  • the possibility of increasing the concentration of estrogens with the systematic use of “Clomid” (it is worth emphasizing the concept of blocking the action of estrogens and increasing their concentration)
  • it can worsen your vision in the long run

As you can see, Clomid (this drug is used quite often in bodybuilding) has very unpleasant side effects that can manifest themselves differently in each person. As for the estrogen surge, there can be a lot of it (in a blood test) but most of it won’t happen.

“Clomid”: how and when to take?

"Clomid": how and when to take?

The last week of the course and the following two should be marked by taking Clomid, which acts as the main component of PCT. If for some reason you could not buy Proviron, you should start taking Clomid from the second week of the steroid cycle and stop 2-3 weeks after the course. There is an opinion among beginners that antiestrogens should be used only after the course, but this is wishful thinking. The fact is that the level of estrogen in the blood rises after the first week of the course, so Clomid should be taken in bodybuilding from this moment on. The average daily dose is 10 to 20 mg. You can take this medicine in the morning or at bedtime.

Сourse sample

Now we will give several popular courses that will help to quickly build indicators of strength and muscle mass. In addition, each of them contains “Clomid” as a mandatory element of the steroid cycle and PCT.

One of the most popular combination courses is a combination of Stanozolol (a tablet form of Winstrol) and Testosterone.

“Clomid” tablets are still used in PCT (post cycle therapy). As a conclusion, we clarify that the above course is also suitable for those athletes who are beginning to “dry”.

The effect of Clomid on the body